JETHRO INTERNATIONAL is an organization based in the European Union, present in all continents of the world, whose mission is to bring together leaders from all social segments through a program of training and sharing of socio-cultural knowledge and social and spiritual intelligence, enhanced through the constant stimulation of its network of relationships.

Our understanding is that these leaders, from self-reflection, can break with imprisoning paradigms and achieve a new-paradigmatic sense, however, respecting the established socio-cultural systems and diversity in its broadest sense and without destroying the inherent archetypes of each individual.

Thus, it is expected that these leaders will be subjects of the transformation of the social scene in which they are inserted. That is why Jethro International fosters the development of their psychosocial-spiritual potentialities and their competencies so that they can exert influence in transformative processes.

Therefore, JETHRO INTERNATIONAL's Civil Diplomacy and International Chaplaincy was born with this objective: to engage all leaders who have an interest in understanding human social systems and who demonstrate the capacity to influence and provide direct impact for the general good of the human being, aiming at a fair, egalitarian society committed to ethical principles. To achieve its objectives, JETHRO INTERNATIONAL observes the legal prerogatives, mainly from the Constitution of each nation, as well as through the interpretation of International Conventions, always with a focus on humanitarian action.

The seal granted by JETHRO INTERNATIONAL provides the leader with the legal recognition and relevance of his authority before government agencies in their areas of competence, necessary for him to exercise his role of Humanitarian Civil Diplomat - International Chaplain, articulating his international cooperation and enabling him to promote transformative processes in the various spheres of his action, under the directives and regulations of each nation, especially in the diplomatic environment and humanitarian assistance.

Backed by International Conventions, protected by the first amendment of the U.S. Constitution, numerous precedents, and judicial decisions, those who serve in the field of humanitarian civil diplomacy - international chaplaincy have the opportunity to influence public life in the direction of the other.

The Civil and Humanitarian Diplomacy - International Chaplaincy that JETHRO INTERNACIONAL represents in the world opens in three aspects: HUMANITARIAN CIVIL DIPLOMACY, CITIZENSHIP, AND TEACHING.


The Humanitarian Civil Diplomacy was born from the need of leaders to understand and influence international issues within the Society. It is a growing power within the actions of Civil Society, a force of influence in decision making, and the various impacts generated in the designs of a nation.

The main themes that Humanitarian Civil Diplomacy - International Chaplaincy places as a reflection for society is the protection of the Laic State and the understanding of Spirituality as Public Health.

Thomas Jefferson, the third president of the United States and one of the "founding fathers" of the American nation, said that to constitute a truly free country it was necessary to create a wall separating the power of religion from the power of the state. It is the lay state that guarantees the free expression of beliefs and religions, their worship, and the construction of individual contact with spirituality, towards the I, the OTHER, the WORLD, and the TRANSCEND.

The defense of the maintenance of Laicity not only preserves the belief of each individual and, in a broader way, of the community; but allows science itself to research and understand the spectrum of the spiritual, no longer as a mythical-sociological concept, but as an expression of human intelligence and its capacity to always advance.

JETHRO INTERNATIONAL, in all the events, lectures, and workshops it participates, stimulates this reflection, pointing out a bias so that society, in general chaotic and suffocated in its pseudo success and prosperity, finds the necessary means to become each day more just, egalitarian and committed to ethical principles.


Citizenship, in a broader concept, means the quality of being a citizen, and consequently subject to rights and duties. Therefore, it cannot be only a reflexive and philosophical action. It must be accompanied by actions, which aim at results.

When the exercise of citizenship is directed as an action, each member of the social fabric has the possibility of experiencing self-transformation. In this way, they will be able to put the common good first and act whenever possible to promote it sustainably and responsibly. Citizenship, therefore, must be understood as a continuous process, a collective construction that aims at the gradual realization of Human Rights and more just and solidary society.

JETHRO INTERNATIONAL has the role of enabling the leaderships to establish themselves in this field in a LEGAL way, with AUTHORITY and LEGITIMATE, through its endorsement, attending the laws and norms of each country related to the subject, and under international conventions.


Teaching, under the scope of JETHRO INTERNATIONAL, is the activity of replication of the training content of the Humanitarian Civilian Diplomat - International Chaplain. According to the conception of the institution, the teaching is the possibility that JETHRO INTERNATIONAL makes available to those who, already accredited, have expertise and interest to capture and train other leaders around the world, using various means, from the techniques and tools obtained in the programmatic content of JETHRO INTERNATIONAL.

Dr. Jefferson Netto
Reitor da Jethro International Chaplain